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10th Contest UPDATE


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Remember, the deadline is December 1st, 2011. I'm making a list of what we have in this contest so far.


Confirmed Judges: Bain-Ihrno, JMP, Lazarus and Tyranicus


Scenarios Vying for Best Small Scenario

The Crusaders by Bain-Ihrno

The Eternal by Nikki

Quarhag Pass by Smoo

Siege of Copperpeak by Ephesos

Warp by Ephesos


Judges for this Category: JMP, Tyranicus, Lazarus


Scenarios Vying for Best Newcomer

The Cradle by B.J. Earles

Gluckcluck by Enraged Slith

Incorruptible by Tridash

Melliput Mobsters by Celtic Minstrel

Pilgrimage to Thakos by Sylae Correll

Oops by Dintiradan

Sorcerer's Apprentice by Niemand

Strange Gildra by B.J. Earles

The Triple Valley by Iffy

Waterweb by Handyman


Judges for this Category: Bain-Ihrno, Tyranicus, Lazarus


Remaining Eligible Scenarios

You have until December 1st to declare that your scenario will be in the contest, otherwise it will be assumed you do not want to enter.


Always On Your Day Off! by Nicothodes *

Beechford by M Haensel *

Enemy at the Gates by Metatron *

HIM: Wolf at the Door by Thralni

Nobody's Heroes by Kelandon

The Staff by Slack *



(* = eligible for Best Newcomer Scenario)


Also note: The Crusaders and Pilgrimage to Thakos are the only BoE scenarios on this whole list.


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