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DWTD temple secret


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So a woman in an inn gives you information for money and this is one of them


"There is a huge temple in upper seleucia. Very nice. Very expensive. Some folks even think there's a treasure hidden inside of it."


I can't find anything in the temple though. Just an altar, some chairs and a few rooms with nothing worth mentioning. Is there really something there, or did she lie to me?


As a sidenote: what the hell jeff? Oh my god those wind warriors spawn every turn in that dungeon. I have to deal with one every 2 steps and they like to go for my brittle bones priest. Talk about annoying.


And what is with those worker zombies that hit 3 times a round for 150 each hit. Not even the vampire boss hits that hard.


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I don't see anything in the temple either, at least looking in the editor. It seems to have some coins and stuff, and that's it.


The story goes that Jeff made DWtD after making the BoA engine, and he was exhausted by that point. I presume from this that it didn't end up being quite the level that he was hoping, in terms of, er, quality.

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