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Falling Stars: Rune Sword


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The question is: Does casting an "Anti-Magic Cloud" over a Rokka or Seraphim prevent the accumulation of "credits" for the Rune Sword when either are killed?

In all the times I've played this Scenario, I've never reached the fifth level, (Level 50), for the Rune Sword and so, never received the "Reward" that comes with it.

After the first couple of times playing this Scenario, I've killed every Rokka and Seraphim that are available.

I believe there are 14 Rokka possible. I've killed 16 but the first two are in Pylos-L4, and they are before you obtain the Rune Sword.

I believe there are 6 Seraphim possible. I've killed all 6 of them.

Each Killed Rokka is 2 "credits" and each Seraphim is 7 "credits" for Flag 1, 0.

I should have attained 42 "credits" for the Seraphim and 28 "credits" for the Rokka.

I should have attained 70 "credits".

To reach the fifth level, (Level 50), Scenario Node 24 checks to see if Flag 1, 0 => 40.

To receive the "Reward" Scenario Node 23 checks to see if Flag 1, 1, which has been tracking the Level of the Rune Sword, =>50.

I'ver gone through all that I can find and can only 'assume' that by using the "Anti-Magic Cloud" I must have nullified the "credit" for killing a Magical Creature, but I don't know where I could find out.

Does anyone have any knowledge or comment on this?



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As far as I know, AM clouds don't (and can't) affect the Runesword gaining levels. I'm not sure, but I believe the leveling is handled by global specials called on Rokka and Seraphim dying, which shouldn't be affected by the antimagic clouds.


Regarding the lack of Rokka, you can hang around the forests west of Xancrest in the early game, or in the north of the UNL territory towards the end. There are lots and lots of wilderness encounters with Godan and Boemen, and they're usually led by one or more Rokka. This gets boring fast though, I think it takes more than a dozen Rokka to get from level 4 to level 5.

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I have killed 20 Rokka, 2 don't count as they were in Plyos-L4, but the other 18 should have yielded 36 'credits' to SDF? 1,0 toward advancing the Rune Sword.

I have killed 6 Seraphim which should have yielded 42 'credits' to SDF? 1,0 toward advancing the Rune Sword.

Each 10 'credits' advances the Rune Sword one Level.

I have played the Scenario quite a few times over the years and have never gone beyond the fourth Level, (Level 35).

* but have used "Anti-Magic Cloud" in most cases.

At 40 'credits' I should have made the top Level, (Level 50) and at 50 'credits' I should have received the "Special" reward.

And yes, these Nodes are all Scenario Nodes, ie: "Global Specials".

I keep spread sheets, documents and all sorts of information to make Walk-Throughs and this is the only thing I haven't been able to accomplish.

I do appreciate your reply, however, I'd recommend doing Pylos A.S.A.P. so you can get the Rune Sword and start whacking Rokka and Seraphim. Although there should be more than enough to advance the Rune Sword, there's no sense in wasting them. The only two that you cannot use for the Rune Sword are the two in Pylos, Tower 1, Level 4 where you do the last battle there.

I've read and re-read all the Nodes and cannot find anything that affects the accumulation of 'credits'. It seems that, no matter where you are in the 'Town', you should advance the Sword, but I keep coming up short.

Thanks for the response though,



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I make documents and/or spread sheets of things I need to know while playing games and making the Walk-Throughs. I'm looking at one with the Scenario Nodes for the advancement of the Rune Shield and the "extra reward". It's pretty "cut and dry".

I also looked to see if the Rune Sword had to be within a specific distance from the "magical character" because Rally stated that it needed to be "in the vacinity". It appears that it should advance no matter where it is.

It also appears that any Party Member can have it equipped, although I have one of the two Fighters using it.

I've played this Scenario quite a few times, primarily to get the sequence of play to what if feel is optimum, but just don't seem to be able to get the Sword past Level 35, (the fourth level). That's why I was asking if there is something not in the Editor, but rather in the programming that might affect it.

Over time, I learn new things about the BoE Editor, such as each of the Undead NPC's in Castle Relaford L1 has its own Flag and ALL must be satisfied for the next event to occur. I cannot find anything that prevents the accumulation of 'credits' to the Flag, so I'm now going to play through with a Basic Party, (No additional NPC's), and no "Anti Magic Cloud".

Back to the "Drawing Board". ;^}

Thanks for the reply,


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