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Romans or Celts?

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Let's see, one side consists of blood thirsty savages that kill everything in sight and the other strip down and paint themselves blue.


Celts are better because they get the full range of magic. It's pretty hard to play the game as pure fighting Romans that just use items.

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I've almost finished the game as Celts. Is it worth replaying as Romans? I get the impression that the two parties are sort of playing alongside each other simultaneously with occasional crossover going on, so playing as either side will show the story from their perspective. And that's pretty cool, I guess.


On the other hand, it's kind of boring to play a buncha zealously patriotic soldier-drones and have the game constantly narrate your emotional reactions (something that bugged me loads about Geneforge). For a style that focuses so much on projecting your own identity into the characters, it really kind of limits that ability. I dig Romans and everything, but the prospect of fighting to destroy entire races of crazy-cool nutjob druids and ancient faerie people and other awesomeness for the glory of Emperor Nero leaves me somewhat cold.


Now, if it had been Julius Caesar...

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Nero and the elite that upheld him were not so different from the Unseelie Court, powerful and inhuman. That's what I found cool about playing the Romans: damnation whether you did or you didn't, and the only thing the legionaries could really believe in was the Legion. You're not doing anything for Nero, you're not doing anything for Rome. You're doing it for the Legion, which serves Nero and Rome because that's what Legions do.

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