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Where's Kharto?

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Hey, does anyone know where to find Kharto? I'm playing as the Romans currently, and the instructions say something about goblins to the east... is that in reference to that goblin village that's near the beginning in "Southeastern Shadow?"


I'm hoping not, because I wiped that village out near the beginning of the game. If it is, is there I a way that I can reset that flag? Or is there a way to continue on to Kharto without their help?



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From the file o34Southeaste.txt found in Data > Shared Data:


 beginstate 22;if (get_flag(123,4) >= 1)set_state_continue(23);set_state_continue(24);break;beginstate 23;message_dialog("The goblin village remains much as you left it: burned and ruined. Fine work.","");break;beginstate 24;reset_dialog();add_dialog_str(0,"Nestled in a hollow between these grassy hills, you find a small, peaceful village. The inhabitants are struggling ........................break;  
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