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Best puns and jokes.

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Originally Posted By: PSPACE Quote: Double entendres tend to really do it for me This sort of sounded like one. You're quite right, though I didn't fully apprehend that when I put it in thos

Harehunter, "Lepus non Grata" is not grammatically correct. You are using a feminine adjective to describe a masculine noun. The proper form would be "Lepus non Gratus."

Well, always a pleasure to trouble a noble spirit. Not sure if it's yours or someone else's. Also glad that someone noticed the second pun in that post.   Your new avatar is well-grounded.

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One day as Harehunter was wandering his way to the carrot patch, he noticed a trail leading into the forest that he had not seen before. Curious, he made a slight detour to see where it led.


A fair piece down this trail, he encountered a woman standing behind a bush at the side of the trail.


"Good day to you, madam," greeted the Harehunter.


"Good day my rear end, s**t for brains." replied the woman.


As Harehunter approched, he came close enough to see that the woman had the body of a rather ugly bird. He immediately recognized that this woman was a Harpy.


"What are you doing here on this secluded trail?" asked Harehunter.


"I am taking time off for the holidays, d****ss." replied the harpy.


"Oh, Well harpy holidays to you." replied the rabbit.


With an indignant squawk, the harpy took wing and flew straight at Harehunter, talons extended.


Harehunter bolted back up the trail, and as he beat a hasty retreat he started singing a tune he had heard many years ago on the Roy Rogers Show,


"Harpy trails, to you

until we meet again..."

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Not lately, but I do have one on my bookshelf crying out to me every time I pass. It wants to be read so that it can join the other 36 books in the series.


Piers Anthony is one of my five most favorite authors.

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I used to consider him my favorite. Even have an autographed pic with accompanying letter from him but, meh.


His newer books are not as good as the old ones. He puts less thought into them and more piles of no-reason puns that his fans have sent him. I also distinctly remember his books being better BEFORE I was inducted into the adult conspiracy. Freaking-out at a pair of colorful panties just isn't as fun anymore.

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I suppose that is why I left that book to languish so long, as I delve into other prose. Currently reading Paolini.

As to my list of favorite authors:

1: Robert Heinlein

2: Christopher Stasheff

3: Terry Brooks

4: Piers Anthony

5: Robert Aspirin

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I am unfamiliar with Rosenberg.

Heinlein was my very first taste of SciFi. His early works were aimed at the age I was when I read them.

Asimov was a great read when I wanted something a bit more cerebral.

Bradbury's material was also for more serious thought, although of a darker nature.

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This thread has been used to not only to post puns and jokes, it has been used for some rather serious discussions about the theory behind what is funny, and to uncover the nuances of how words can be played with to form puns. It has become the repository for some very clever witticisms, and some attempts so foul that they should never have been attempted. Even now as another thread is being infected by the drift about food and drink, this thread has had its share of that as well.


As a result of my participation on the Spiderbus, I have gained a bit of experience in adding a bit of prose to my puns. I hope this is an improvement over my previous manner of just dropping one-liners hither, thither and yon. To this end I have drawn some topics from books I have read; hence Jewels inquiry re Xanth. The natural tendency of Spiderwebbers to take such a diversion on a merry tour has taken hold of this thread again.


Laisse les bon temps rouler.

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tbf house of leaves is a bad joke so it fits in either thread

Huh. Dikiyoba remembers it being reasonably good (with the exception of the bit with the letters from the framing narrator's mother, which Dikiyoba just threw into the discontinuity bin).

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Darn, I came up with an answer after getting off.

"A man walked out of the supermarket, and on the way to his car he got mugged by a person using canisters of salt and packages of batteries as weapons. The mugger was caught, tried in court, and was convicted of assault and battery."


Plus, hard-boiling a battery egg would kill all the time fly eggs, resulting in a hard-boiled egg with a strangely-textured center.

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Lilith, You're gooood.


After the man was convicted of a-salt and battery, they locked him up in a dry cell.


And if that were not shocking enough, the prison food they served was revolting.


When he tried to put up some resistance, they took him before the circuit judge, who was only 5 feet tall.


The resulting feedback was so negative, it left his ears ringing. For a whole week afterwards, he kept trying to answer his cell phone.



P.S. I thought about the fruit flies last week, but I figured that I would spare you. Silly me.

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It seems the former a-salter and batterer was released on parole, because I noticed that he now works at that same supermarket where all of this began.

He has quite the electric personality now.

It was almost a jolt to see the transformation from his former self to now.

Sadly, it seems that his experiences won't be forgotten any time soon, as he can transition from positive to negative, and back again quicker than the flick of a switch.

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SoD, Your wit is truly stunning.

All that switching polarities must really hertz. The only way to rectify his current situation is for him to cross the Wheatstone Bridge.

Once across the bridge, he'll need to be inducted into the civil service, where he can increase his capacitance for doing good.

Only after discharging his civic duty can he become a direct electromotive force that can make the logical choice between one and zero.

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Nice clouds in that pic, Sylae. Are we going to use them to play chess, or checkers?


Meanwhile, a pun:



I work at a pizza place, and when it comes to the cheese, none of my coworkers can say I can't cut it.


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