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Burial Glen Bug???

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Hi. I keep trying to do the warp puzzle. I got through it once, but I completely stupidly died at the hands of the evil wolf monsters. So I went back to an old save, but now the crate & barrel puzzle will not work, even though I put in the correct solution. I even have a screenshot of the solution before I died. Schrodinger's walkthrough says arrange the crates north to south, however, i arranged them west to east along the north wall, 2 crates in the west, barrel in the east. Is there a bug or did i magically do it wrong the first time? I restarted, I downloaded v 1.0.3-What's next?

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The crates and barrels are arranged along the center of the west wall from north to south to change the location that you go to through the portal. I think there are rugs to place them on. If you don't have the right order you have to go back to an earlier save or keep going back through the portals to the puzzle place to reorder them.

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