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Racial bonuses and their effects?

Enraged Slith

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I've been testing combat for my next project, and I've noticed that creatures either seem to scale a lot more with levels than documented or that racial bonuses are huge. I've been trying to balance level 6-9 nephilim for a level 5-10 party, and they are completely destroying my PCs. Archers, specifically, with almost no modification, are dealing 40-60 damage to the squishier characters at almost perfect accuracy.


For a fun little test, I pitted similarly leveled custom creatures against these nephilim, and they were torn to shreds. Their stats and equipment should have been similar, but the nephilim dodged nearly everything and were hitting for obscene amounts of damage. I then copied the nephilim stats onto a different set of creatures and changed their race, then pitting two equal groups against each other. The results were pretty much the same, the nephilim destroying the humanoids by a large margin.


After returning some numbers, it appears that nephilim get a +3 bonus to dexterity at level 7, and a +10 bonus by level 30. These were the specific numbers I found, if anyone wants to try to make sense of them:


Lvl/Dex Bonus

6 = 2

7 = 3

9 = 3

12 = 3

15 = 4

30 = 10


Just a small note, I also checked their stat levels with missile weapons, but there was no bonus to the stat. I assume that any bonus they get to missile weapons is hidden. I'm not sure if it's static or not.

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