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Ruined hall question?

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From Schrodinger's and Zeviz's Nethergate Page (see the forum header):

You will need to obtain 3 opening stones. One is found in the NE in a hidden room, another is in the east pool, and the third one is SW on a body (cross the lava), and the fourth is found by jumping down from a cliff in the west.
Jumping down the cliff to get a stone will of course harm you a bit, so try get the other one you're missing.



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One is in a box in one of those spider infected rooms you pass shortly after you've come down into the lower level, one is in one of the pools, a third in a secret niche at the north of the goblin infected area. The fourth one across the lava can be a little difficult should your party's health points not be up to walking the fire, but you don't need it anyway.

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