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Just a few useful links for Nethergate: Resurrection. Mods, please feel free to update and edit as needed.


Synergy's Item List

Item list for character editor


Party Creation

Party creation in general

Roman Singleton

Roman Singleton questions

The Lonely Celt

Starting character base stats

Skill Trainers for Romans

Complete List of Trainers


Abilities and Skills

Armor Use

Encumberance and Armor Use


Endurance vs Hardiness



Simulacrum and Charm spells


Game Exploits

Beastmaster Bracelet

Good and Evil actions and their rewards

Assassinations via Wand of Carrunos



Melee Damage

Spell Damage



Valleys of Annwn Riddles


Edit: All the links should work now. -Tyran

Edit: All the links should work again. -Alorael

Edit: All the links should work yet again. -Tyran

Edit: All the links should work yet again, even that one link. -Sylae

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