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Leadership and Mechanics

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I have played some characters without investing in these skills at all and the games feel so forced, you pretty much have to fight your way through and that's it (also commit a living tools genocide every time you run into a locked door for the much needed pods, canisters and stuff).


These skills seem to be mandatory in order to get the most out of the game. Is this true or am I just doing it wrong?


What are your thoughts people, how do you invest those precious, wondrous, fabulous, remarkable, excellent, fantastic, amazing and yummy skill points? grin

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You pretty much need at least some points invested in those skills, yeah. The numbers vary between games as to what the sweet spot is, and it's different for each skill.


I'm ulling things out of my ass here, since it's been a long time since I've played and my memory is hazy, but getting Mech to around 4/5 by the first third of the game, 8/9 by the second third, and around 12/13 by the end should ensure you get to open enough locked doors to get most of the lovely shiny things. You can have more, or less, depending on your equipment and how serious you are about having everything (I never was).


Leadership is different. Boosting it early means you get more exp/items earlier, and may avoid having to do some fights, or having to do some quests. However, once it's at around 8/10 (again, don't quote me here, since it differs from game to game), you probably won't need to invest in it anymore.


Anyway, TL,DR version: Yeah, investing in them now and again should make the game more enjoyable to you, but don't worry about getting them ridiculously high unless you're obsessive about getting everything.

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Originally Posted By: Altair
These skills seem to be mandatory in order to get the most out of the game.

This is true. You can certainly COMPLETE the game if you ignore these skills, but of course there's stuff you won't be able to get. Likewise, you can finish the game (well, I don't know about G1, but I'm pretty you can for the later Geneforges) without ever investing in combat or shaping skills, relying just on stealth / Mechanics / Leadership...but again there's stuff you won't be able to do / get.
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