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Key V

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According to the strategy guide item list, Key V is obtained by returning the Selkie pelts to Selkiehome, but when I did that as a Celt, I didn't get the key...just some mumbling about an opened bridge somewhere that I could never find.


Now as a Roman I can't do the quest that nets me easy access to the underside of Hagfen so how am I supposed to get Key V? I want to do the quest for the Hag's but if I do that I can't return the Selkie Pelts.


So, is there another way to get it, and failing that, where is this bridge that is talked about?

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It's not a bridge. It's an opened up wall granting you access to a chamber immediately to the east of where you are talking with the Selkie chief. Check the bodies which were closed up in there and you will find what you are looking for.




P.S. Doing the quest for the Selkies is the only way to get Key V in the game, no matter which side you are playing. There is nothing stopping you from doing the Selkie quest first, then doing the Hags' quest immediately or any time afterward. Have the best of both worlds. If you like efficiency, do it all on the same visit...in the correct sequence.

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