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A Large Rebellion

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A Large Rebellion



Author: Otto Helman






Composite Score: 2.8/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/6)

Good: 33.33% (2/6)

Average: 16.67% (1/6)

Substandard: 50.00% (3/6)

Poor: 0.00% (0/6)






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From VCH on the CSR:


Well it was a good first effort at a scenario. The use of water dividing land masses was also a rather unique aspect for BOA to this date. There were or perhaps still are some bugs. Later versions may prove more reliable than the one I played.


I liked this scenario it wasn't really spectacular but was solid. The terrain features of BOA were used effectively. Also many graphics were imported from Geneforge which added a certain unique flavour. The mines in the ogre cave were truly a first for BOA. I enjoyed setting them all off then watching the chain reaction.


Overall A Large Rebellion is, if now bug free, a scenario worth playing. Remember this is the first scenario by the designer. For being the first it is truly excellent. Stacked against others of course it is not overly polished.

Any way. Rating iz [rating]GOOD[/rating]. ReSPEk..

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From Ephesos on the CSR:


Hm... good first attempt, though I'm not sure I should be judging on that part, as I've only got one done thus far. I'm impressed that he wrote it in a language other than his own, and that it never really slowed down dialogue.


Size is impressive, though the outdoors are still a bit empty (not the first scenario to get that problem... Backwater Calls, Undead Valley). I love being able to use boats again, though some weren't there (had to hack), and once I wandered off the edge of the map.


Also, downright awesome to see that someone else put a town in a tree (though I think mine looked a bit better).


Interesting to put nephilim, sliths, and humans on the same side. The Vahnatai are a bit random, just like in Undead Valley. However, this scenario handles them far better than UV, I must say.


Scripting, amazing. The mines, though VERY baffling at first, are incredibly impressive. There are a few errors, most noticeably with the force pillars (they never worked for me, not sure if that got fixed). Also, a missing boat led me to hack the whole thing wide open so I could finish. A few quests never finished, and the end dungeon and maze were really buggy for me.


Plot, well done. No huge plot holes, though there's a bit too much wandering around aimlessly, along with too much "run all the way back and report". Some really interesting stuff, particularly the "hit the bug and grab the earrings" quest. The ending works very well, though returning to Nout was... well, strange.


One thing I don't get: If the Orb of Nar is so powerful, why does it only do Capture Soul/Simulacrum? Shouldn't it do more, if it's allegedly the most powerful weapon ever?


Overall, very solid and respectable. Just has some areas which should be worked on...



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From Smoo on the CSR:


General: ALR is buggy. Really buggy. I'd consider waiting for an update before downloading it. Some of the scripts don't work at all and the game always crashed when I tried to talk to an unimportant character like some vahnatai.


All that aside I was impressed with the mines and the towns were solidly designed. The Nepheline woods were

little too big in my opinion. Players who can't stand bad grammar should steer clear of ALR, the designer is Finnish and to him I say: l jtk nuku englannin tunneilla okei?


Combat: Combat was just right for my taste. The fights weren't excessively hard but they did kill me from time to

time. I must point out though that the nepharim seemed weaker than the nephilim. I understand it's supposed to be

the other way around.


Plot/Characters: The plot is too much of the type "run around and do stuff." There were several points where I

honestly did not know what I was supposed to do. Simple people like me need a little more hinting. The characters weren't interesting enough.


Overall: Not enough plot to keep it together. Still worth taking a look.



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From TM on the CSR:


Beta-testing is needed badly. I'm not even aware if this beast is finishable, but after I found out that the Vahnatai are shaping, well...


As stated above, the use of rhetoric is often ham-handed. I knew the kid was a foreigner before I read the readme file, for instance. Even the most cursory run through a beta would get some of these things fixed.


Also, like Smoo (and I think this is a Mac-based error), almost all dialogue caused my computer to crash outright.


Not worth playing. Some serious playtesting is needed, and even then, the plot hardly takes itself seriously (and in the bad way).



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From Thralni on the CSR:



Betatest betatest betatest! There are so many bugs that I had to reload my saved game at least fifteen times because I stumbled into some unnecesary bug, one that made it impossible to get out of the scenario. It took surgery, first on the .bas file, then the town's script to make it work. Overall I didn't like the scenario much. It made BoA crash multiple times, the story was quite weird (in the beginning I already was thinking of stopping since I was dumped in this huge world of which I understood ziltch), and the designing was, well... a bit ugh-y. And there were Vahnatai as a cause of things. *SIGH*



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  • 6 years later...

Okay. My rating of A Large Rebellion always bothered me. Even when the score was numeric (6.9 I think), I thought I had been way too generous in hindsight. When the scores were converted to fit the current system, my score for ALR was the lowest a scenario could get while being interpreted as "good".


Is A Large Rebellion "good", then? No. Nonono. Nope. Definitely not. Oh, no.


I replayed a portion of the scenario a while back and it is broken. Both times I played it, there was a game-breaking bug right in the first town. You could not get further than the first town out of maybe a few dozen. Later on the are several other bugs that crash the game outright. The worst offender being talking to a random unimportant NPC. This too would force quit the scenario almost every time.


The thing is, though, when I first played it I think I actually enjoyed diving into the scripts and figuring out what was wrong this time. It was, for me, kind of what Edit Them Dead (if that was the name of the scenario) was supposed to be. A scenario that the player had to edit in order to progress and eventually beat the scenario. 


Assuming that ALR is bug free, is it good then? No. Were the scenario functional, it would be average at best. The plot is uninspired and trite. Gameplaywise, it is sometimes confusing to know where you are supposed to go next. The outdoors are empty and oftentimes ugly. The towns are not much better, although they have their moments. Combat is minimal and bland. The scripting is sometimes innovative and inspiring, but the scenario doesn't win any points for it, because of the aforementioned bugs. Dialog is pretty bad with poor grammar, typos and out of place Lord of the Rings references and what have you. Vahnatai make an appearance, because why not. While all of this can be explained by the fact that the scenario was made by a fourteen-year-old non-native speaker, it does not make the scenario any more enjoyable. 


As things stand, it would be fair to call A Large Rebellion poor. Personally, I rate it as SUBSTANDARD mainly for the idea, scope and the perverse pleasure I derived out of trying to fix the scenario.


This review is, naturally, supposed to replace my previous review, so it should be deleted when someone has the time.

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