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Atmospheric Effects.


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Yep. I had an short article about the subject on the Blades Forge, but it's down, of course. But my work-in-progress-since-January-2006 has fog in it (which would have been really innovative... in '06).


The terrain is based off the magic barrier terrain. I just made it monochrome. Simply placing full blocks of fog looks ugly, so there's all these extra terrains where the fog is only on one side, on two sides, etc. To line them up, switch to the 2D editor view and place the fog tiles so that the red 'F's always match up with each other.


You can find my fog terrain here, the small Editor version here, and the terrain definition here. If you want, I can just zip up the entire (unfinished) scenario and send it to you. I'm doing a horrible job explaining it up above; just seeing the dungeon where the fog is would be simpler.


Usual caveat applies -- these are terrains, so you can't have fog and stalagmite in the same spot. You'll have to make a custom terrain if you want to do that.


It should be simple to make different weather effects, like rain. First, make an animated rain effect (with four steps). Then duplicate it fifteen times. Then apply a mask... that's on the Blades Forge. Well, crap. Let me see if I can dig it up on my Windows partition.

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