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Question on BoE Compatibility and other options


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Hi, I just got downloaded the latest version of BoE from the google projects page, and I have a few questions, I am grateful if I get a response.


On the Compatibility options, I don't really understand these and two are already checked "Legacy Kill Node" and "Waterfalls won't work on town." What do those two mean? Do I need to worry about any of the other options, or those 2 checked ones?


Also another question, is "darker graphics (Mac)" option meaning it is only for Mac OS? If I check what difference will there be when it is unchecked? I am on win7.


One more, in the IMAGES folder there is a "FIELDS" and "FIELDS_D" where the only difference is that in "FIELDS_D" the slime and ashes are slightly darker sprites. Same sorta thing happens with "MIXED" and "MIXED_D" How come? Is it related with the "darker graphics" option? Sorry if it's a lame Question, I doubt it really matters, just curious.


Thanks very much if anybody responds!

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