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10th Design Contest?


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It seems like a number of scenarios have been released since the 9th Contest, and I was thinking of having a general contest basically to run the scenarios against each other. Many of them have been made for short contests, but some haven't, and since we do have quite a bit of new scenarios that have built up, I'd like to see how they do against each other.


The prospective scenarios:


Threnody (Lazarus)

Waterweb (Handyman)

The Crusaders (Bain) (BOE Scenario)

Black Crown: Part I (Duck)

Strange Gildra (BJ Earles)

The Cradle (BJ Earles)

Warp (Ephesos)

The Seige of Copperpeak (Ephesos)

Out of Sight (Nikki)

The Staff (Slack)

Nobody's Heroes (Kelandon)

Sorcerer's Apprentice (Niemand)

The Eternal (Nikki)

The Triple Valley (Iffy)

Quarhag Pass (Smoo )

The Ritual of Registration (Nemesis)

Incorruptible (Tridash)

Turn That Frown Upside-Down (Duck)

HIM: Wolf at the Door (Thralni)

Turn the Frown Upside Down II (Duck)

Enemy at the Gates (Metatron)

Gluckcluck (Enraged Slith)

Always on Your Day Off! (Nicothodes)

To Hell in a Handbasket (Nemesis)

Oops (Dintiradan)

Pilgrimage to Thakos (Sylae Correll) (BOE Scenario)


Okay, that should be all of them


more as they come. I'd probably wait until after Duck's contest to start this, if people are interested.

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Originally Posted By: The Turtle Moves
Niemand is apparently too modest to point out that you omitted The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Actually I was trying to avoid admitting that it's in semi-released limbo. . . and that I should have corrected that months ago. Uh, no, wait, you were right about the modesty thing. Yeah.

EDIT: Okay, now it's released. Sorry that took so long. Also, it seems that there are other entries from the same contest to be considered, namely 'Oops', 'The Black Crown, Part 1', and 'Pilgrimage to Thrakos'. CM should get an official copy of Melliput Mobsters out so that it can be sensibly included as well. Hint, hint.
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Originally Posted By: WHAT MADNESS!
Originally Posted By: Handyman
Why do you have contests? Don't y'all have ongoing comprehensive scenario reviews?

feel free to contribute to those threads by posting a review or two then.

Yeah, part of why I wanted to have a contest was to increase feedback to scenarios. I thought about proposing a ratings contest too, but I've proposed it before and it's gone nowhere.
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Originally Posted By: BainIhrno
If this seems like a go, I could start it now actually, and set the deadline for the end of the year in case anyone does actually want to make a scenario.

I'm actually working on one right now, although I started working on it a while ago. I should totally start a hype thread. tongue
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