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BoE Graphics Search Engine


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I would like to take this time to note that I have added a BoE Graphics Search engine to my web site. It is modeled on the the same method as Brett Bixlers Louvre for BoA. I found it just lying around in my library where it does no good at all. I don't know how useful it is; just putting it out there.

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Great idea, but the popup search window is glitched. No scroll bar. I took a screenshot. Would be cool if you could fix it since I am planning on starting a scenario myself (doubt anyone will play it, of course) and it would be a nice little archive for me to take a look in. Keep up the good work


Screenshot: http://i51.tinypic.com/23vj7vc.jpg

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Once again I get bitten by the case-sensitivity monster. That is what I get for developing on a windows platform, and publishing on a unix platform.


I also have a custom version of the Blades of Exile Scenario Editor. I have tested it to the extent that any programmer can; that is I have tested for all the things a user may try that would break it. But as noted by my second remark, no program can ever be thoroughly tested until it get into the hands of a user.


Thank you for your input.

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How would one go about submitting graphics to this archive?


I have dozens of BoE graphics (mostly edits, but some original) from several unfinished scenarios I started years ago and will probably never get around to finishing or releasing.


It would be nice to know that at least the graphics would be available to anyone else who wanted them.

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A suggestion: if you have the time and the desire, it might be good to also add an archive for new scenarios, on the off chance that someone creates a decent one. (Because the Blades Forge seems to be horribly broken with no chance of being fixed.)


Edit: I do realize that might not be worthwhile though, given the lack of new scenarios. Though I suspect it may become a bit more worthwhile once (well, if) your editor's new features get integrated into the WxWidgets scenario editor.

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Originally Posted By: Harehunter
I will be happy to post them on my site. Do you have a webpage that I can pull them from? That way I can see your description of the graphic and use it to feed my indexes. Or you can just zip them up and send them Private Message along with a description of each one.

Hmm, I don't have descriptions, really. They're just ones I've had for my own personal use. What form should these descriptions take? A list of keywords, or an actual description sentence/paragraph?

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I have a passel of scenarios saved. Unfortunately, I only saved the Windows versions.


Besides, there is already a site out there that is superior to anything I can do, Jewel's True Site for Blades. She has both Windows and Mac versions, and tons of walk throughs, graphics and other valuable stuff for both BoE and BoA.

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Here is an example of an entry in the database:


dataList[19] = new Array()

dataList[19][1] ='Dark Knight'

dataList[19][2] ='Dark Knight Warrior horse'

dataList[19][3] ='Aceron'

dataList[19][4] =''

dataList[19][5] ='Aceron/darknight.gif'

dataList[19][6] ='Aceron/darknight.gif'

dataList[19][7] ='Aceron/'

dataList[19][8] ='Here\'s a nice mounted knight, the only bad thing is he fits in a 2x2 slot which means it\'s a little silly'

The fields are used (in order):

1* Name of graphic

2* Keywords, used for searches; I'll provide the most obvious ones,

3: Author, which will be you

4: Email address for the author, if you choose.

5: This is the path to the thumbnail graphic.

6: Path to the image itself

7: If the graphic is animated, this is the path to it

8* Comments are rarely available; what ever is interesting.


You only need to add the starred* fields. I'll do a fair job of the keywords, but if there is something special you don't want me to miss, tack it on. Comments are rarely available, and used only when an icon is particularly interesting. I don't search on comments, but they do form keywords.

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Wow. I hadn't realized just how many custom graphics I'd made over the years. I did make them quite a while ago; is anything I have even worth adding? tongue


A lot of them are quite similar to others, since I'd save each version of an in progress graphic; probably would be best for me to only send the best of any given set?

Also, some of the floor- and wall-sets are incomplete, due to various things. Would you want them anyway, or just ones with a semi-complete itemset?

What about the ones that just transplant existing furniture onto other existing floors/walls; should I check for already existing versions of them, or just send them all? Or none?


Thanks :-D

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I'll take what you've got. I'm sure that a quick browse through my collection will show many almost dups and semi-complete sets. Once I get the images in the database and keyworded, it'll be easier to see what is a dup vs. a keeper.


I've got the png file. Looks like a lot of work was put into it. At first glance, I don't see anything to be left out. What I'll do is post them with whatever names I can, then you can critique my nomenclature or add keywords.


I'll update my pages periodically as I make progress.

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