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Help with deciding a faction[G5]

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Ghaldring is your only shot at the Shaper Council, so you'll probably want to ally with him. Taygen causes the most destruction, but mostly of unnamed creations.


Dikiyoba hasn't played Ghaldring's ending and so can't guarantee that Rawal is with the Shaper Council, but he probably is.

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Milking all factions is much easier than in, say, Geneforge 2. Just keep a neutral reputation and postpone giving your opinion to NPCs who will wait for it. High Leadership also helps. Warning: Much munchkinism and minor spoilers ahead.


You don't need to join Alwan's faction to get access to Control Core B, just a not-too-rebellious reputation. After doing that quest, you get access to skill training (in Shaping and magic skills). I don't think you need to join for that either, but I'm not sure. You do need to join to get access to advanced creations (cheapest War Tralls in the game).


Taygen's faction offers you some minor rewards (a Healing Craft canister, a sword with +2 Mental Magic, a ring with +2 Mental Magic, some gold and sellable trinkets), although you miss out on the Guardian Claymore and Tek's Spectral Dirk. Ghaldring won't care about the Serviles you slaughter, but the Drakon Sighting side-quest could make you miss out on some information for a Ghaldring quest.


You can also get to Control Core B by joining Litalia, although her quests actually make one of Ghaldring's quests slightly harder.


If you join Ghaldring, you won't get Ur-Drakons or Eyebeasts, by the way.

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I'm a servile, so that doesn't matter to me. smile


I need some crystilline fibers (preferably both), and some essence infused iron (preferably both), so I have to ask, do you need to join Taygen to get to Dera lost vaults?

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I believe that the only weapon that's in that area is the Spectral Rapier, which gives bonuses to Magical Efficency or whatever the relevant Geneforge skill is, which frankly isn't even that good a bonus.


EDIT: The name is Energy Preservation, just checked.

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