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The Foolish Giant - A bug perhaps?

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Okay, so I'm playing The Foolish Giant. A problem I've noticed is when you return to Putuam after seeing Morris. I get the mission to take down the wizard. Then it tells me I should get Morris to help out, but when I returned to his hut, he was not there. I'm following the walkthrough and this is where you are supposed to speak with him. I think might be another bug with OBoE and legacy scenarios or maybe I'm missing something. What's wrong here?

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OMG, I haven't played that one.

Not that it's of any value to submit this, but FWIW, I'll get into it.

In the meantime, use the new 'Classic' Editor to look at the Nodes for that town and you should be able to see what you need to do.


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I took a look at the scenario in the OBoE editor and I found the problem after looking at it for a few minutes. There is an unnecessary "Major Event Has Occurred" Node at the beginning of special node 2 in town 5. In town 6, Morris is set to disappear when the event is triggered. I changed the special node in town 5 in the meeting room to start with node 2, which seems correct. Thanks for the help anyway.

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