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Training in official scenarios


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Does anyone know what skills can be trained in the official scenarios and the locations of the trainers? I have had no luck finding such a list with the forum search.


I'm assuming that if you use skill points to level a skill you cant train that skill as much afterwards depending on what level it lets you train to.

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I don't think there are any skill trainers in VoDT.


ASR: Derfler in Buzzard teaches First Aid and Potion Making up to level 4. Maya in Zaskiva trains Arcane Lore, but only to level 1.


ZKR has lots: Ft. Goodling--Vurg trains Defense to level 4; Edward trains Thrown Missiles, Tool Use and Nature Lore to level 4.

Morog's Castle--the imp trains Bows, Thrown, and Sharpshooter to levels 4, 5, and 2 respectively.

Wormy Hollow--one of the Vahnatai trains Quick Strike to level 2.


DWtD: Schmid, who camps in the outdoors, will train you after you kill most of the wandering undead, to level 4 Quick Strike and level 1 riposte.


Your assumption is correct.

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