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BoE Scenario Editor Documentation

Neptúnus Hirt

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I have come to realize that I would probably be able to get a lot more done with the Scenario Editor if I knew where to find the documentation. A Google search gave me a locked thread on this very forum, and in it, this appeared:


The Mac version probably omitted the documentation because it could not be viewed on an Intel Mac (except with a resource editor, sort of). I have translated it to HTML and it's in the repository; w-dueck volunteered to work on it, and it should be included in the next release, whenever that is.


So, uh, is this available anywhere? I'd love to learn more about the editor (including all this node business I keep hearing about) but I'm not clever enough to figure it out without some help text.


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I also have a .hlp file in my Visual Basic BoE Scenario Editor.

This is the one that came with the original game. I guess I need to update it to conform to my layout, but the information on how to use the special nodes is still accurate.


If you have a Windows virtual environment, you might take a look at it. I have taken a major departure from the layout that Jeff took, but IMHO I think the interface is a bit more intuitive, and the ability to describe your Stuff Done Flags and see those descriptions in your node editor makes it easier to use the program.

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