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Diplomacy With the Dead - help


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I found Vahkohs. And he is hostile towards me.


I know, that i can switch sides in this scenario, and i have quest "Vampire Message" involving a peace talk with Vahkohs.

He should not be hostile for the first time, am I right?


Perhaps the reason is that I attacked Worker Zombie, in the courtyard of the castle, or other (flaming) zombie in the side passages?

I have save after I attacked the zombies, and before I met Vahkohs.

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Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith
Cool, that's usually everyone's least favorite of the bunch.
I can totally understand why some people would love the scenario, though. It feels like some DM picked half a dozen old TSR modules off the shelf and crammed them together. You're running around in dungeon after dungeon, fighting larger-than-life characters and picking up phat lewt. Leave the intrigue to the other scenarios; sometimes, you just want to beat the crap out of that giant who's trash-talking you.

(In full disclosure, I did prefer the other scenarios, but ZKR was still fun.)
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It was probably my second-favorite of the bunch. I did prefer VoDT to them all.


ASR was my least favorite. I can't really fathom why, since it's clearly the intellectual precursor to the Geneforge games, which I love, but it just seems off to me. Maybe it's like the "Uncanny Valley" of game scenarios- too close to not see the influence, but too far to be able to connect to something you liked about Geneforge.

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