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Mac and Windows Merge (Status Update)


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So, I had lost interest in the OBoE project for a little while there, but just tonight I finally got a unified ("cross platform") game codebase to run on Windows. It doesn't work yet—you can't load scenarios or saved games or play anything—but at least it's running without crashing, and the system-related UI (menus, preferences, dialog boxes) is working correctly.


The code's messy as hell (yes, even messier now than before), and it'll take a while to even get the game near-functional; it's definitely not ready for anyone to experiment playing with the executable yet. But at least now I can actually do some real work on it instead of endless copy-pasting and RegExing. grin


It won't compile on Mac yet: there were a number of places that I just left comments like "Todo: add Mac equivalent", and a few places where I changed things that the Mac code relied on. But fixing that should be comparatively easy, I hope, since I was adopting the Mac version's data structure approach to replace that of the Windows version. (I.e. there were more deep changes to the Windows code than to the Mac.) Anyway, in the meantime, I'll try to get the Windows copy functional-ish, and I'll start tinkering on a Mac once I've gotten somewhere with that.

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