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Abilities above eight points?


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You do continue to receive bonuses from skills above level 8. The bonuses aren't very large, though, and at high levels it's usually better to train in such a way as to maximise the number of different abilities you unlock (although some of the middle-column passives in particular are so good as to be worth taking above 8).

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Not quite.


Every level about 6 gives you the 4x bonus instead of the regular 1x bonus. Thus, the extra "levels" of damage you get from Spirit Claw at various proficiencies are:


1... 1

2... 2

3... 3

4... 4

5... 5

6... 6

7... 10

8... 14

9... 18

10... 22

11... 26


and so on. OTOH, Lilith is right that by the time you have that many levels of bonus, an extra 4 is not going to impact your damage by that much.

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