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Special Skills With New Characters, and Tool use

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(Playing as Celts)


Character Creation:


1.) Is the only way to change the default Special Skills (2 characters have them, 2 don't) to use the Character Editor? I think its a bit odd when I delete the character and create a new one that "Bruce" with his pre-selected special skill reappears (Woodsmanship or something). I would suggest a list of special skills to choose from after you delete a character. And one point bonus to one of your main stats if you opt not to have one.


2.) No "tool use" available for Celts. Something should be said about this during character creation, because I'm currently stuck with a Celt team that can't open locked doors...! :p And I haven't seen anyone yet who will teach me the Craft spell needed for that.


So, I would make Character deletion a true deletion like "Custom Character" in Avernum, and I would at least give the Druid in the starting town the Craft spell for opening locks, or give the Celts a really gimped version of Tool Use. Otherwise, people like me will realize after 2 hours of play that they have a lot of backtracking to do to open locked doors.......


On the other hand, I will just wait for my code to come in e-mail and get my character editor going (gotta get rid of the buggy "Rational Mind" trait, too), but I'm guessing other people who haven't bought the game yet will be frustrated by the Celts inability to open doors


My fighters' strength has never been enough to bash down a door, btw.


Enjoying the game and eagerly awaiting my reciept e-mail with activation code.... W.M.

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You can start with pass portal spell if you really think about character creation.


The second level of the Goblin Pits, go northeast from the Goblin Temple into the Halls of Learning. With high enough rune reading (20 and 25) you can learn the first four craft and beast circle spells from books on certain shelves.


Pass portal will unlock doors and untrap containers. Tool use is available east of the Faerie Bazaar after you have done the Ruined Hall. Also you can buy it under the Temple of Brigante and as a quest reward. Wait until you hire the 5th character in Vanarium.

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