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Beast of Khemeria: does it actually matter how circumspect I am?

reality paroxysm

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I've been instructed not to let the tyrant or his pet wizard know why I'm in their town. Which makes sense, even if it's fairly obvious and half the NPC's seem to guess, anyway. Everyone clamours to tell me that the wizard seems to know everything that's said about him, though whether this is because of scrying or just good paranoia is left ambiguous. Even the shaman lady also seems reluctant to discuss him, but she also implies that her lodge is protected and that we can talk about my mission.


So my question is- does it make a difference to the quest line who I tell about my mission? A couple of the NPC's seem like they'd be safer to confide in then others. Is this the case? Will the bad guys work it out out anyway, or are things more difficult if I go blabbing to every Tom, Dick and Harry about why I'm here?

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In a word, no. In fact, in order to open up the area where the Beast was last seen, the game forces you to tell the wizard why you're there.


I found this completely infuriating. I was all prepared to get into Private Detective mode and be all sneaky "oh don't mind me, I'm just a Hand of Avadon, I'm here because Avadon says so and you lowly Farlanders don't need to know anything," but alas, the game doesn't let you. You have no choice but to ignore your orders and "confide" in the somewhat-helpful-seeming wizard. mad


As for the other townsfolk, it doesn't seem to matter if you tell them or not, although I'm pretty sure you'll miss out on some quests if you don't. Again, you're rewarded for disregarding orders. It's quite silly.

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Never had to tell the wizard what I am up to, quickest strategy is going straight to him, being not welcomed to enter the fortress, then go to runner Faiga and complain you were not allowed inside. Then you can talk to other citizens that are entitled to talk to you and you get quests and (mostly useless) information. Can't remember when exactly the Beast woods appear on the map, but it does not depend on telling or not the wizard about your mission.

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