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Stealing papers from library/records hall


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Hi all,


So I've decided to indulge my larcenous side and steal a bunch of stuff from Zhethron. I took the papers from the library and just broke into the records hall for the heck of it. I also killed Incarnus -- well, encouraged him to cut his vacation short! smile


Will I be able to cross back over the runes in the library to go back into those caverns once I leave? Or is it just passing from west to east that blows the whistle? Also, is Zhethron going to eventually figure out that I've stolen/killed stuff? In other words, do I revert back to the save prior to doing all the stealing or can I continue by game without repercussions? 'Cause I don't want to replay hours of hacking due to a teeny, tiny bit of fun.



MissSea smile

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