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Do they take a game long coffee break?


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Obviously it depends on the party member. Shima eats, drinks, and skulks around scaring people. Sevilin's busy brooding. Jenell probably frolics in the woods, and Nathalie tries to blow up the woods or any other possible target when she's not trying to coax more explosive spells out of the librarians.


—Alorael, who imagines that all of them also get together and complain about their tyrannical overlord.

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Originally Posted By: FnordCola
Quietly resent those who get to go out and actually do things, according to various pieces of dialogue. Especially Nathalie, but the others to an extent as well. And yeah, train and such.

I love how Nathalie complains constantly, yet she is (so far) the only constant companion I've taken on every mission. wink
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