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Stealing Zhethron's Dragon Hoard


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No, I only did this on Torment.


The first time this happened, it was accidental: the ogres were slow in approaching, and Zhethron ran right across the closest bridge to get to them. In duplicating it more recently, I've never had that happen. What I've found to be most successful is to position two PCs "blocking" the nearby bridge so that Zhethron can't get past (he's too big) and the ogres have to stop before passing the PCs. Usually at that point Zhethron will breathe fire, but sometimes he will run to the west to go all the way around and reach the ogres -- you need that to happen. The two PCs on the bridge need to IMMEDIATELY scoot north a bit to keep the ogres from going any further south -- if they do, Zhethron might turn around. If all goes well, on his next turn he will go around the lava area, and the third PC who waited on top of the hoard can begin to pick it up.

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