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Has anybody killed Redbeard on torment?

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I've done it twice, but you need a large party meaning at least all but Jenell or one other companion. It's a long fight and you need to have maximized the defensive skills in the center column. Maximizing attack skills doesn't work at least from the one time I tried it.


Have everyone using speed items to stay in battle frenzy. Distribute resurrection scrolls and items to remove mental effects so you don't have incapacitated characters. Also some healing items so you can heal up and not need a shaman.


I found sorceresses were the best for taking out soul jars, however a strong range attack blademaster or shadowwalker will do as well. Place one in each room and use range attacks to remove them every other round. It takes longer on torment. Anyone left over engages Redbeard from a distance.


Summoned pets are helpful here to keep Redbeard busy attacking some else.

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