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Blue ore -- quantity not location!


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I saw the previous post about locations of the blue ore (those beige pillars), but I'm having trouble with quantity requirements. I keep going back to the smith to turn in my ore, and he says he doesn't have enough. I reverted back to an earlier save and noted one location after the water run where I missed a pillar.


Do we have a final count as to how many blue ore deposits are required? I currently have four.



MissSea smile

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Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba
Originally Posted By: MissSea
It's a pain that these gates shut automatically, huh? frown

Yes, especially since it makes no sense from a story point of view and it's pretty easy to avoid from a design point of view.

Dikiyoba was hoping for a non-cheat alternative, but a simple cheat will work too.

I remember Jeff posting something about this early one. I recall that he was aware of this and was planning on fixing it, and provided the SDF code as a temporary fix.

I think I just realized why Jeff really uses the term "sdf." It may stand for Stuff Done Flag, but it's really because you can just roll your fingers along and type it effortlessly sdf. sdf. sdf.
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I was going to say that I had 6 when I turned the quest in successfully but if Randomizer says you only need 5 I'm quite inclined to believe him.


Also, as others have said, there are pillars scattered around 2 or 3 underground locations in that zone, if you can't get back into the Merula area.

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