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The Crusaders... Released


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As you may know, the Crusaders will likely be my last scenario for Blades. It was the last idea I had, I rarely play Blades anymore, and scenarios are in low demand now. That being said, I'm still glad I made one last scenario to finish.


Unfortunately, I have no actual link. I no longer have a Blades website, and thus have nowhere to put the scenario now. If anyone would like to volunteer to host my scenario until it can get onto a database, let me know. In the meantime, if you want a copy, I'll email it straight to you.


Note that the scenario is rated R and is very hard (my beta testers will attest to this!).


I've truly enjoyed the years I've played BoE more passionately and will miss them. Thanks to Jeff, BoE, and the Community for all the fun that they provided.

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I have freely and openly admitted that I know little, if anything, about programming. It took me quite a while just to understand the BoE Editor and most all of what I find on that link seems to mean very little to me. But, specifically, I fail to understand what a picture of a cat in a cardboard box has to do with the scenario, "Crusaders".

I'm sure you'e trying to tell me something here, but in my limited ability with programming, I fail to find a *.bmp File for the Crusaders Scenario.

Please don't misunderstand me. I really do appreciate that you're trying to show me something, but sadly, I just don't seem to see it.

Thanks for the effort.


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How annoying; the file was there and downloadable when I made my last post.


Try this file: http://misc.hallsofchaos.net/tmp/crusader.bmp. I'm not sure if it will work correctly, since I cut what appeared to be wasted space off of the bottom of the image, so let me know whether it needs to be tweaked. If it does work, I'll leave it up until BainIhrno has incorporated it into his scenario download.

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Well that's super annoying, the site I used to host it (Stashbox) is apparently shutting down, as of pretty recently. Rotten timing.


I could upload it again, but I can't imagine my version would be any better than Niemand's. For the record, I chopped off the excess tiles on the bottom of the image too, and it seemed to work just fine when I played through the beta test of Crusaders.

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