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Duke Gryfyn fight - any hints?


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I haven't had any great trouble with other fights in the game, but this one is dragging on and on and on and on forever without making any progress. I've got 2 blademasters and a shadowwalker and he's immune to physical damage. I can chip away with wands and the like, but with his infinite heals and demon summons and defender summons and charms and what have you I don't see that being enough.


The occasional messages suggest that his immunities are on some sort of cycle or randomization, but the physical one seems to be permanent.


Am I being dumb? Or is this really supposed to be another 3-hour slogfest like the Redbeard fight I've read about? (In which case I'm not going to bother.)

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If you have regeneration and enough dexterity you can probably avoid most of the damage from the demons and defenders. Ignore them and concentrate on the Duke especially since he will summon replacement demons.


I think the Duke's immunity is in response to damage he has taken. I know that he will take physical damage. Some things that you can do if you have them is use scarabs that do damage, use items like wands, and items that will do reflection of damage back to the Duke. This may get some damage through although he will heal, but more importantly eventually he will take physical damage when his immunity shifts. Watch the messages.

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