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Waypoint question


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I want character 16 to go to a waypoint when the party first arrives, so this is what I did:


beginstate START_STATE;

// This state is called every turn the party is in this town.

if (get_flag(2,0) == 0)



if ((dist_to_waypoint(16,0) == 0) && (get_flag(2,0) == 0)) {




The thing is, it only works about 80% of the time. Occasionally he just wanders off for a while and then comes back later. It's literally just two spaces away and there's no obstruction. Am I doing something wrong or is this just an innate peculiarity of the engine?

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I'm not sure if it matters, but looking at some of my code I've usually used a value of 1 for the third parameter of approach_waypoint (the distance to approach within). It might also be a good idea to check the return value of the approach_waypoint call so that you can know within the script whether the character decided to move or not.


Also, just as a sanity check: if you based this script on basicnpc, are you certain that you either removed the fidgeting and return-to-start code, or made sure that the code you showed above comes before it?

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Oh, no, I should have specified that this was in the town script. So I should put it in the creature script? That's probably my problem right there.


Edit: That seems to have done the trick. I had stolen that code directly out of Outpost Valley, but I guess in that circumstance it didn't matter if the character wandered a bit, since the party was locked in a cell at the time. smile

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