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Town Entrance


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This depends on what version of the editor you're using. If you're using the latest version (1.1.1 or 1.1.0) it's easy (but I'm way behind on getting out an up-to-date version of the documentation to describe it frown ): Use the selection tool (shift+s) and click on the town entrance to select it. Then press delete.


If you're using an older version it's a lot more round about (although I think it's covered in the documentation from Spiderweb): Use the edit town entrance tool, click on the entrance you want to delete, and in the resulting dialog box, press 'Cancel'.


(This exactly the right place for questions like this, so no cause for concern there.)

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The 3D editor is much easier to use than the SW editor. The big thing is, it displays stuff in the in-game isometric 3D style (instead of the horrid 2d crap). It also has some nifty features like automatically changing to the next outdoor section when you hit the edge of one, and a gob of other stuff.

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You are using the official Spiderweb 2D Editor. You will need it because it is the only version to include the documentation.

The original 3D Editor is found here:


I had a stab at improving it. But I am not a programmer, my effort is found here:

Variant 3D Editor

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That's newer than the Spiderweb version, but still rather old (before 2007, or some such). See this page for a link to download a newer (but less stable[1]) Windows version. Note that the download link on that page acts a bit funny and you may have to right-click it and use 'Save As', or copy it an paste it directly into your browser's URL bar.


[1]: After the BaAEdRemake team wandered away things got a bit less organized, and we don't currently have a nice, neat release of the Windows version of the editor. What we have should instead be considered something like a 'nightly build'. If you prefer not to mess with that until we have it better organized, the BoAEdRemake version is still a big improvement over the original editor, and will serve you well. (The Mac situation is less confused, but that doesn't help you, unfortunately.)

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