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Hidden area in Gale?

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Hello everyone. I've been trying to see if any post addresses this, but I didn't find anything.

Does anyone know how to get into the hidden room/area behind the holy temple in Gale? I know it's there because I used Far Sight and there's a bunch of stuff back there. But no matter how I try to walk into that place, I can't get in. Thanks for any info!

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you mean library?


from Relle's walkthrough:


Now then, let's get into Gale's library. It's locked, so we'll need the key. You'll need to talk to Nantier (the alchemist) and ask him why he can't get into the library. Then, search along the northwest wall outside the temple for a secret passage. Follow it to an herb house. Talk with the Herb Seller here, and buy the library key from her for a whopping 5000 coins! You won't be able to get her to lower the price, unfortunately.


The library is in the southwest corner of town, but not accessible through normal means. You must enter the area between the walls of the town and check along the south end for a secret door. Here, just use your key to enter the


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Oh, no. It's like. When you walk into Gale, the Northwest corner of town has a holy temple. Behind the confession rooms attached to it, there's a blank space on the map. When you walk all along the walls, you can cast far sight and see this hidden room with chairs and what looks like a bookcase. I've googled a couple different walkthroughs/maps, but none of them seem to mention this area? :\

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This is the first area referred to in Relle's walkthrough. I think the particular wall to walk through is the northeast end of that area you see using far sight and is entered by going west just south of Gale's north gate. Once you pass through the wall there is a corridor going west to the Herb Seller and those seeking "treatment."


One of the treated is helpful for another quest. but not needed.

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