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Now that's dedication.


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While attacking the Titan stronghold, the Monitor in charge of the Kva troops was killed. Once we reached the entry to the inner fort, I was informed that the soldiers blamed me for the death of their leader, and then they just left me there.


(Of course, I knew that they would have done that even if the assault had gone perfectly. But anyway.)


As the soldiers walked off, one of the archers took a path such that a wolf inside the fort entered his "field of vision." He returned to the fort and helped me kill a few things, then left. Truly, the warriors of the Kva know how to put duty ahead of their personal feelings.

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After meeting that group of soldiers, I went scouting out the entire area. I ended up taking on the titans all by my lonesome and, upon returning to the surface, wondering if they would be disappointed. Turns out they just left. I guess they weren't all that eager for battle after all.

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