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Stuck in White Plains mine... need help to find Cahil


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Hi, can't find the way to Cahil in White Plains mine...


I found instructions here in the forum but don't seem to work for me, may someone check them and or suggest another path to reach Cahil? Please...



1. After descending to the first level, go down the north-eastern trap door. This takes you to the west side of a level that's divided by a gate you can't open yet.


2. Go all the way south and east to the only trapdoor you can access from here. This takes you to a level with 2 more ladders, SE and SW.


3. Go up the south-eastern ladder.


4. Go south-west to the only ladder on this level. This takes you to a level with two more ladders, NE and NW.


5. Go up the north-eastern ladder. This takes you to the other side of that gate.


6. Go to the trapdoor in the south-west corner of this half of the level. This takes you to the level where you have to turn the wheel.


7. After turning the wheel, go north. It should be obvious from there.


Thanks a lot,


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