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Too much to do

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I've been playing Spiderweb stuff since 1994--you'd think I would have grown out of it by now. Anyway, I like the new game--particularly the fact that you can control your animals and the interactions between the team members, but I do feel a little harried.


Weekly reports to Redbeard, the wandering character pestering me all the time--a lot of demands on my time. Is something bad going to happen to me if I wander off on side quests and postpone the big stuff? Is the big stuff going to become moot, or can I make a little money on the side without losing the main plot thread?

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I'm actually finding I don't have nearly as many things happening as I do in other SW games. I just finished Miranda's second quest (the Shadow Beast), and the largest number of quests I've had going on (that are immediately completable) is like 3 or 4. The sidekick conversations seem neat, and not at all trying of my patience or time either.


The only thing I'm making notes on at this point are people who say they have jobs but they "need to check something first", because I just know I'll forget them. tongue

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