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Need help in Falling star


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First, IMNSHO, you should have Krug and Raven added to your party if/when you have the opportunity. Each of them are necessary to accomplish a couple of items in the Scenario.

If you have Krug in your Party, he will mention that there might be a cavern to the east.

If you do not have him, then you must have some "Cave Lore" and it's a 75% chance that you'll notice it if you search the Mountain Wall to the east.

FWIW: I do love this Scenario. Not only are there a lot of things to find and do, but it says loads about the human condition. ;^}


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From what you initially stated, you've resolved the puzzle to Simon's Estate by having the key to the locked room. It's important that you possess the key because it you leave this 'town', it will revert to it's 'normal' state and when you return, you won't be able to advance.

Once you have the key, go outside and walk east. You'll leave the 'town' and be in a small section of the Outdoors. Walk east and search the wall of the mountains at approximately 27, 22&23. As stated before, if you have Krug, you will get the conversation and a Cave Entrance will be just east of that location.

Do the conversation there, leave and re-enter Simon's Estate and then use the key to enter the locked room to leave the area.

Hope this helps,


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If you've just learned about the stick on the brazier, it sounds like you haven't played the other Scenarios by Alcritas. This manner of Teleportation is in several. Although this is a complex Scenario, so are most of the others and playing them in his recommended order, really makes much more sense than just treating this, or any other, as "just another game".

* FWIW; it's highly recommended.


It also sounds like you understand how to use the new BoE Editor, so...

Open the Editor, load, "falling.exs" and select outdoor section "2, 2", then "Edit Outdoor Terrain". Using the numeric keypad, move east and you'll see the two BoE Specials on the Wall of the Mountain.

On the Editor Selector Pad, (or whatever it's called), click on the single dot which puts you in the "Edit" Mode. Now, click on either of the two BoE Specials and you'll get a Message Window with what those two Specials do. I presume you understand all this, but this is where you'll find what is necessary to access the Cave.


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You may have hit the nail on the noggin.

A short while back, another Player had a similar problem. There was a 'bad' version still out there somewhere.

As a result both "Traci's Tru-Site for Blades" and "Kenandon's Archive" verified that they have the most recent and up to date version of this Scenario.

Go to either Site, download the Scenario and look at the Outdoor Section to verify the two BoE Specials on the edge of the mountain range.

(I could e-mail you the scenario, but it's much easier and faster to download it from either of these two WebSite Archives.)

Once done, you shouldn't have any more troubles.


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Ahbleza has correctly identified the "problem", you are playing Falling Stars 1.00 (or 1.01/1.02). Not that that's a huge problem, you'll just be missing some scenery, dialogue, etc.. that's in 2.00.


I actually had trouble tracking down a copy of the most up to date versions of my scenarios (and, in some cases, like Tomorrow, any copy) due to.. well, the passage of time. A lot of the old sites (like BB's Alexandria) linked to The Lyceum, which largely died when Geocities closed up shop. However, I did manage to find on site still active:




My sincerest thanks to the old guard who keep the memories of BOE flickering to this day.



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