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Character Quests


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Hey, I don't know if the answer for this is posted somewhere, but I can't find it. I'm playing the game for the second time, and for some reason I haven't come across the character quests the same as last time. The last time I played I would just return to Avadon, and one of my characters would be missing, and I would have a trail to follow. This time, that isn't happening. Am I missing something, do these quests automatically come up, or can I do something to mess that up?

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Hmm, when you return to avadon, are you walking near Miranda's Office / your room? It's the steward, Polus, who initiates the quests each time by sending you to your fellow hands' rooms. If you don't walk down that hallway, it's possible to miss the quests.


Otherwise... are you missing characters from your roster yet? If everyone's still in the roster, it's not yet time for the quests.

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