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A3 Melee Damage Cap

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Does anyone know what the melee damage cap is for Avernum 3?


I have my strength skill up to level 12 for my fighter and she does an average of 195 damage per a hit with a blessed greatsword (5-40dmg + 1-8/level).


I have noticed once you reach level 10 your maximum carrying weight doesn't increase anymore and stays at 350 lbs. Should I even bother increasing the strength anymore or just increase my dexterity/endurance skills instead?

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damage cap through any mean of damage is 198. So you can invest your skill points on something else according to your wish.


Investing point on endurance is not needed unless you don't want to have a satisfaction of owning a very healthy party tongue


Invest point in luck, getting mage spell upto haste for everyone is also good as it work wonders when everyone know it at level 3, or get priest spells as you can travel a longer road if you go for priest spell for warriors. In short I mean, training in strength is not needed anymore, so do whatever interests you and enjoy the game!

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