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Secret Medals?

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I got "Employee of the Month" after my loyal game and becoming a Heart. Not sure if that last part is necessary. I suspect "Heart of Avadon" may be from winning the game on Torment in accordance with the "Hand" and "Eye of Avadon" medals.

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Heart of Avadon is completing the game on torment

Employee of the Month is completing the game and remaining loyal to Redbeard

Terminal Insubordination is for killing Redbeard


I'm not sure about any other conditions also applying.

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Originally Posted By: Randomizer
Medals were added because the online game stores want them for the customers.

Unnecessary, but thanks.

They should transfer and I think they are stored in the preferences file.

That's all I wanted to know. smile
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I played through on torment the first time i played the game.

The only one I couldn't figure out was "Big Game" so thank you. The Only three I don't have is Big Game, The one to kill Beloch, and Terminal Insubordination.


Of course trying to kill Beloch or Zephyrine on Torment is extremely difficult. Well to be honest when playing the game on torment some points of the game can be quite a bit irritating.


Oh just so they will all be in one place on this board here they are.


Big Game- Kill Zephyrine

Heart of Avadon- Beat Game on Torment

Employee of the Month-Prove your loyalty to redbeard

Terminal Insubordination- Kill Redbeard at the end of game


Well good luck everyone hope you can enjoy the game as much as I did

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You (probably) can't get any of the secret medals if your difficulty setting is casual, so playing on normal difficulty or above is an extra requirement for Big Game, Employee of the Month, and Terminal Insubordination.



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So i wanna get lots of medals in a single torment run, so far yes this is torment considering Zephyrine is practically killing everyone in my party as if she was a high-tech lazer cannon against a 3 foot tall piece of butter. If i switch to Casual or Normal or something that means i won't get the heart of avadon achievement right?

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It took me literally weeks and a lot of different parties but I made it without the editor, yes laugh

However the Editor is greatly reassuring when you understand there's something wrong in how you set your party and it's not worth to go on like this then you can use it to complete that playthrough anyway.

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