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fighting Zepheryn (SPOILERS)


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So, that was easy. I was worried about fighting her on hard, since Beloch had given me a bit of trouble (Lvl 26/27).


Anyway, I killed her without her hitting me once after her first attack (she acts first), or activating any golems. Stunned her with blademaster, which kept her occupied for several turns. And since that worked so well I just kept chugging recovery potions and re-stunning her.


Is it supposed to be this easy, or did I just get very lucky with my stunning blows?

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I couldn't stun Zeph a single time out of roughly 30 attempts I made, I had to beat her the old fashion way by taking out all the golems. Indeed Zeph resisted pretty much everything but ensnarement. I had to hold back damaging Zeph so only one golem would activate at a time. (played on Hard)

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