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Fighting Redbeard (spoilers, obviously)


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i just finished this game,it wasn't actually hard compare to the dragon(what is it name i forgot) battle,the dragon killed my character in less than 3 turns,even when i buff full and those 4 sentinels keep bumping me with knock back and ensnare which is a pain laugh

RedBeard battle isn't that hard,it's just a bit annoying since he keeps calling his soul jar stuff


well,i'm waiting for avadon 2 and more RedBeard battle,just hope that it won't be ridiculuous as this and there wont be a level cap as av1

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Since I didn't want to waste 3 hours of my day, I set the difficulty to Casual and finally used cheats. I used healmenow, rechargeme, and shieldsup. I then got the two doors open and put Nathaline and my Shadow walker in the first room, and placed Sevelin in the second room where he would be able to see both Soul Jars. This way, as long as I use the abilities, Nathaline, Sevelin, and my PC were able to hack away at all Soul Jars all day while Jenell hacked away at Redbeard. I never got more than 2 Soul Jars at once which was pretty awesome, and Redbeard was killed in 25 minutes.

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Sorry, I should clarify a little more. If Sevelin is able to see the 2 soul jars in the other room, Nathaline and my PC won't have to run to the different rooms. All they would have to do is just use the bucket of acid and the ice spell to destroy the soul jars in the other room while Sevelin uses arrows and Jenell does whatever the heck she wants to do to hurt Redbeard. smile

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