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Lockpick Locations (SPOILER)


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The number of lockpicks in a zone is given next to each zone. There seems to be 105 in the game.




Smith Duman - sells 3

Dungeon - box - ce

Inspection Cells -Upper Level - nest -sw

Secure Cells and Lower Cells

-- 1st Level - west room cabinet

-- 2nd Level - nest - sw




Goldcrag -11

Goldcrag Fine Provisions - Tanner - sells 4

Marmara - sells 2

Berak's Forge - south room table (steal)

Storehouse - e

lizard nest - ne

Elder Okan's Spider quest area

nest -sw

Elder Okan's Reptile quest area

nest - s


The Kva Lands - 8

Halrik's Freehold - northwest room -e

Harlik's Farm - blue chest - wsw

Angevine's Tower - ne

Angevine - sells 2

1st level cabinet

warped wolf nest - nw

Abandon Farmhouse - Lower Level - table - n

Dire Wolf Pack quest area - trash pile - ne


Zhethron's Aerie - 5

box -e

southwest room table - ssw

Secret Caves

fire lizard nest - ne

barrel -w

Icy Crypt - chest


Wretch Warrens - 6

lizard nest -se

hidden area behind Neray - crate s

north chambers - chest - nw

crate outside gate - c

Wretch Warren - Lower Level

cabinet - sw

crate - nw


Jhereth Deeps - 8

Neray's Lair - c

Bat infested cave - ground - sw

Ogre Fortress Main Level

switch to gate barred room - crate - se

Ogre Fortress - Lower Level

chest - w

Water pump wheel room - barrel - cnw

nest -ne

cabinet- e

ground near ogre flingers - e


White Plains - 4

salamander nest - nw

Yelissa - sells 2

Mine Level with ancient specter - chest - se


Titan Keep - 4

near trapdoor - cse

thicket lizard nest- s

First Palisade - chest - s

Titan Keep - Lower Level

Gravecaller Detra area

switch - box - sw




Dhorl Stead - 7

Edeline - sells 4

leaping spider nest - ne

Clan Hall - box - w

Lower Level - Bat Cave - cabinet - ce


Dhorla Woods - 3

deep woods hunter nest - cw

Crypt Cave - sarcophagus - nw

Widowspawn Cave - nest - n


The Beast Woods - 2

hellhound nest - ssw

Ruined Settlement - e


Jarlswood - 2

Vid's Camp - sacks - n

Lower Level - Below Warrior's Hall

table - nw


Oghrym'Tor - 6

Lowest Level - rat nest - nw

Northeast Ring - Barracks Training

-- northwest locked room - e

-- barrel - se

Lord Carsta'Arl's Ring

-- barrel - c

-- cabinet - e

Lower Level - Torture Chamber desk - se


Moritz'Kri's Tower - 5

chest - cw

Abomination Tower - spectral key locked room - cabinet - se

Ruined Bat Tower - draining bat nest - w

Main Tower - Level 2 - Moritz'Kri's bedchamber - nw

Lower Level

table between traps - c




Castle Vebeaux - 7

Incantrix Questa - sells 2


Varell -sells 4

guard room barrel - cnw


Beraza Woods - 7

Trading Post- Charon - sells 2

Trading Post - Calantha - sells 2

spider nest - n

Abandon Farmhouses - switch - crate - cw

Abandoned House - Lower Level 1 - cw


Beraza Pits - 2

nest - cn

Lower Level

table near dormant demon - n


Trail of the Drake - 2

trash near finding Nathalie - sw

Level 6 - Hall of Trapdoors - switch - off stairwell


Bandit Roads - 3

hulking basilisk area - body - w

Bandit Roads - Lower Level

barrel - w

crate - se


Monitor's Camp - 2

ogre camp - se

Camp - crate - n


Beraza Deep Woods - 6

Delbrin's Trading Post - sells 3

-- bedroom - box -sw

Huntress Hut - southeast hunting hellhound cave

Lower Level - west at end of south ambush tunnel

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Well, something does not add up here.


- The item list lists upwards of 220 lockpicks needed to open stuff.

- This list lists 105 lockpicks.

- You wrote, "With the skill at 4 for most of the game, there are enough lockpicks to loot every place but one of Zhethron's boxes" [requiring 18 picks]


One of those three pieces of information must be incorrect. Which one?

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I looked back through Synergy's list and as long as you wait until skill level 4 and get the Tinker's Satchel you should have almost enough lockpicks. This assumes you don't open doors that are quest rewards. I think the only thing you might not open is a chest near Zhethron.


I know on my last playthrough as a singleton shadowwalker I was able to open almost everything.

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1@L4 means 1 lockpick is needed when you have level 4 lockpicking skill. With the Tinker's Satchel, you can have level 5 lockpicking skill max. If there is just a number ("door - 3"), then you need three lockpicks without any skill. Check with Randomizer's lockpicking skill list to see how many lockpicks are required at each skill level compared to the door difficulty level, if necessary. Most players will likely have their lockpicking skill up to 4 for one PC early on, and that's how I played, so that's how it got recorded. Hope this is now not thoroughly confusing.



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I'll mention it here also, that if you get one PC up to 4 lockpick skill at the beginning, have that PC as your primary PC or with your party whenever opening stuff, if you get the Tinker's Satchel when available, buy all available lockpicks, and are thorough in scouring about for findable lockpicks, there are more than enough for virtually everything but one dragon box in the entire game. This also assumes that you don't blow lockpicks opening expensive doors and boxes that will be unlocked for you after doing quests. I had 6-8 picks left over at the end of the game and wasn't aware of anything that I hadn't opened that I wanted to open.



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