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Hmmm. I just completed Avadon (as a loyalist, on hard, shaman level 29, ultimately heart of avadon.) I received neither the Hand of Avadon medal ("complete on Normal or higher") nor the Eye of Avadon ("complete on Hard or higher.")


I did once, at level four or so, when I discovered myself inappropriately in the salamander basement below the Aerie, drop the difficulty to casual until I escaped, upon which I put the difficulty level back up to high and left it there. I didn't use any cheat codes. Did this prevent my medals? frown

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This might be a good thing to add to the medal screen in a future update. It makes sense that it works this way, but it's probably best to avoid overly frustrated players.


If you ratchet the difficulty UP mid-game, will that also disqualify you from the medals? Or only if you move it down?

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