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The magical properties of 28% total attack penalty.

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My main experience with avernum is from exile, and one particular mechanic is annoying me at the moment.


In exile armor had an encumberance level, which would reduce a PC's Action points amongst other things, this penalty could be reduced or mitigated entirely by taking levels in defence skill.


In avernum this has been replaced with a general "attack penalty", which I'm assuming simply reduces chance to hit by the combined penalty percentage. This can of course be cancelled out by simply putting more points into your various weapon skills, but at 28% attack penalty something annoying happens, you lose 1 AP. It's more than a minor annoyance due to how often 1 AP can mean the difference between getting off an attack and just sitting there. I cannot figure out how to gain back that action point apart from simply wearing less armor. I was hoping someone might know the game better than me and provide an answer.


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Yeah, ironically, I was going off of one of those FAQs that I recently told you not to trust for technical information in another thread smile

That's certainly ironic tongue. Which one was it? Drakefyre's? Or Relle's? It might be good to know which ones have incorrect technical information and post it somewhere, since I'm presuming those people wouldn't be around to correct it anymore...
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All of the FAQs that I have seen have small errors. Generally, most of the information there is correct, and even in terms of technical information 80-90% of it is accurate, so for most people's purposes they are really not a bad thing.


Besides which, they are mostly accessed via GameFAQs, which doesn't really have a correction mechanism aside from the original poster.

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