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Nephil's Gambit - Millard


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Sorry it took so long to respond to this. I had not 'yet' played this Scenario and have been temporarily busy.

If you haven't yet found Millard, he and his two dogs should be around 34, 44, just east of the river that flows through the town, N/S.

I don't see any reason that he would not be visible either.

If you still haven't found him, let me know. I started playing this Scenario just to be able to answer your question and to add this Scenario to the 'collection'.


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It happens, not too often, thankfully.

When I'm playing a Scenario the first time, for enjoyment, I'll chase moving NPC's often just to see if they have something to say. I try to speak to every one there is, look at every container and often make myself crazy bumping walls looking for secret passages.

The Editor gives an Author the ability to "fence in" an NPC, but not all Authors, especially new ones, realize it.

There are a lot of possibilities with the Editor and I'm sure that even the experienced Authors come up with new ideas when they're writing something.


Glad you're back in business.


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