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Being locked into the game window & key commands for moving


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I just downloaded the demo for Avadon, and I'm noticing that it locks you into the game window. I don't remember Exile doing that, and I forget for Avernum. Is there a key command around this (it doesn't seem like the normal ones work)? I do not like anything forcing me into the window. This makes me reluctant to even play the demo, or I will have to constantly quit and reopen the game, instead of just letting it sit when I check my email or something.


Also, it seems there is no way to move without using a mouse? I'm on a laptop, so it's kind of a pain. I loved using the numerical pad to move in the old ones.


eta: The main way works in switching windows, but it seems super fussy in doing this. :\

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Sorry dude, it has been discussed quite a bit, but the bottom line is, you are stuck with mouse movement. I'm on a lappy too, so I hear you.


As for your first question, I'm not sure what you mean by 'locked'. On a mac you can always Command-Tab from the Avadon window to another application. I'm pretty sure you can also move your mouse outside the window and click. (the mouse becomes invisible so you have to guess, but it's not hard).


Now, if the game kept running while you were checking your email, THAT would be amazing. (walking = boring) But I know that's asking too much.

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